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White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes typically refer to a type of financial, corporate, or economic crime often committed by employees or professionals using deception, as opposed to violent crimes that involve force. Most people who think of white collar crime think of stock market and business fraud cases. However, white collar crime involves a wide variety of criminal offenses.

Unlike many criminal offenses, often individuals involved in white collar crime know they are under investigation prior to being charged. The time to hire a white collar criminal defense attorney is the moment you believe you may be under investigation. White-collar crimes usually involve business and professional people who have made poor decisions.

Because the evidence of white-collar crimes is often complex financial documents, it can be difficult determining who is criminally responsible, and authorities may accuse an innocent person.  These investigations often come to light prior to the government even being apprised by the victim.    We can often intercede and prevent the case from being referred to the government for criminal prosecution. 

Many of these cases are filed in federal court and the stakes are very high.We aggressively defend our clients charged with or being investigated for a white collar crime. Some possible white collar crimes include the following:

  • Antitrust Offenses

  • Bank Fraud

  • Bribery & Government Corruption

  • Computer Crimes

  • Conspiracy

  • Counterfeiting

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Credit Card Theft

  • Embezzlement

  • Environmental Crimes

  • False Statements to Government Agencies

  • ERISA Fraud

  • Extortion

  • Fake Labels and Trademarks

  • Forgery

  • Gaming & Gambling

  • Healthcare Fraud

  • Identity & ID Theft

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Internet Crimes

  • Investment Advisory Fraud

  • Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Pension Fraud

  • Racketeering

  • Real Estate Fraud

  • RICO  Violations

  • Securities Fraud

  • Stock Market Irregularities

  • Tax Fraud

  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud

In white collar cases there is generally evidence that the client was involved in the activity charged. The question for the jury is often, "was the activity a crime?" White collar cases may be charged in state and federal courts. In white collar matters there are unique opportunities to win the case if the client cooperates with counsel and has resources for expert witnesses and attorneys fees, access to relevant records, and has a creative attorney who "thinks outside the box."

White collar cases require attention to detail and a challenge to conventional thinking and a willingness to challenge the system itself. Those are our trademarks. If you are contacted by the FBI, Secret Service, IRS Special Agents or Inspector General Agents, you should seek counsel immediately. The attorney's actions prior to indictment or arrest often can be as important as the actions taken after indictment.

White-collar crime typically refers to a type of criminal offense committed by professionals using deception, as opposed to crimes that involve violence or force. Those charged with white-collar offenses include "regular" citizens as well as members of major corporations. These are serious matters that can carry severe penalties. 

It is vitally important if you are charged with a white-collar crime that you obtain quality legal representation as quickly as possible. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, contact The Sheena Law Firm today so that you can preserve your rights and protect your future.

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