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Grand Theft

Grand theft is committed when the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is valued at more than four-hundred dollars. Grand theft, either as a felony or misdemeanor, is punishable by for up to one year in county jail or state prison. In special cases involving grand theft of a firearm, theft is punishable with a minimum sentence of 16 months and a maximum sentence of 3 years in state prison. However a skillful attorney can keep a person convicted of even felony grand theft out of jail. Also, Grand Theft can be charged as a misdemeanor.

Grand theft cases filed as felonies can also be reduced to misdemeanors. Probation will suspend the imposition of harsher sentence so long as certain conditions of behavior are obeyed by the convicted person. If probation is completed successfully, a person can have a felony conviction for theft reduced to a misdemeanor upon proper motion to the court. However, in felony grand theft cases involving property loss over one-hundred thousand dollars, probation is not allowed.  Moreover, if the felony grand theft involves a loss of over fifty-thousand dollars, the Court is required to impose an additional year of jail. If the felony grand theft involves a loss of over one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the Court will impose an additional two years of jail to the offender.

Always remember that you have constitutional rights that need to be protected. If you have been arrested for grand theft, please keep these seven points in mind:

  • You have the undeniable right to have your attorney present with you at every stage of the proceedings.
  • You have the undeniable right to a public trial by an impartial jury.
  • You have the undeniable right to remain silent before and during trial. No one can force you to testify against yourself.
  • You have the undeniable right at trial to hear and question all witnesses who testify against you.
  • You have the undeniable right at trial to have witnesses testify on your behalf.
  • You have the undeniable right to appeal a determination of guilt after a trial has concluded.
  • You are presumed innocent until a criminal charge is proven "beyond a reasonable doubt" or you enter a plea of guilty.

If you are charged with a theft crime you must speak to an experienced attorney so that he can properly evaluate your case. We will discuss your rights and possible defenses. Developing a defense strategy early on in the case is an important step prior to discussing settlement or going to trial.

Call The Sheena Law Firm immediately to discuss your case if you or a loved one, are accused of grand theft.

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