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Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Agencies enable people to be freed from jail without being required to personally post the entire bond amount. A Bail Bond Agency will typically collect a specific percentage, as prescribed by law, from you and guarantees the person will be in Court. 

When a person has been arrested they must find out whether a bond amount has been set for their release. In most counties, bond amounts are preset in accordance with the various offenses. Judges do have the power to change the bond amount in individual cases. Once the amount is known they need to get the services of a bail agent. 
The following information is needed:

  • What is the personís full legal name?

  • What is the personís date of birth?

  • Which jail; city, county or federal jail?

  • What is the charge?

  • What is the bail bond amount?

The posting of a bail bond involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a bail agent and the individual posting bail. The bail agent guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge requires them to.

For this service, the defendant is charged a percentage of the bail amount. Before being released the defendant or a relative or friend of the defendant, typically contacts a bail agent to arrange for the posting of bail. Prior to the posting of a bail bond, the defendant or a co-signer must guarantee that they will pay the full amount of bail if the defendant does not appear in court.

Typically, a family member or a close friend of the defendant will post bail and cosign. Collateral is not always required for a person to be bailed from jail. Often a person can be bailed from jail on the signature of a friend or family member. Cosigners typically need to be working and either own or rent a home in the same area for some time.

After an agreement is reached, the bail agent posts a bond for the amount of the bail, to guarantee the defendantís return to court.
Once payment and arrangements are made you are freed from jail. Failure to appear for any of your court dates will cause a warrant for your arrest to be issued. If the defendant "skips", the cosigner is immediately responsible for the full amount of the bail. If the defendant is located and arrested by the bail agent the cosigner is responsible for all expenses the bail agent incurs while looking for the defendant.  

If you or a loved one currently have a warrant for your arrest, sometimes, as long as there is no hold, you can get a bail bond without ever having to sit in jail. You will be finger printed and your picture will still be taken. If you or know someone who has a
warrant for their arrest please contact our office to discuss the eligibility of this process. 

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